Revival Chili Launches Catering! — 10/20/16

I can’t quite recall why I was not able to write last weekend but it’s been a pretty crazy week so far and luckily I have a little time now. Last Friday was a pretty short training day, we went over customer service skills, the employee training manual and reviewed the chili making process. I was also able to confirm with the Community Kitchen graduate that he would be coming to training on Monday and Tuesday. After training, I went to a few different places to do some shopping as well as tie up loose ends for training the next week. As a reminder, we’d be in the church on Monday and then move to our commissary for the rest of the week.

I got home around 4:30 and earlier in the day my friends and I had decided we would be going to the theme park that night because they have fright nights all through October. However, I needed to submit an application for a social enterprise accelerator before we left and I was not even close to being done. One of my housemates was helping me with it because it’s something I’ve never done before and she had a lot of improvements after my first, rough pass. She was SUPER helpful and definitely made my application a lot better. We finished just as we were about to leave and now I’m waiting to hear back.

On Monday, I received the delivery of meat we would be using for the large batch of chili we were starting that night. I also set up my bank account (super exciting that this finally happened) and stopped by Restaurant Depot to buy the other ingredients for this batch. That night was a great first night of chili making. All but one employee could make it because he had severely hurt his leg over the weekend and was not very mobile at the moment. We did all of the prep for the chili and had a great time. The guys were really happy to finally get into the kitchen and start cooking which was amazing to see.

Tuesday was also a lot of fun actually making the chili. Two guys were unable to be there but the three others definitely had a blast actually bringing everything together. We made 4 huge pots which ended up taking a little longer than I thought it would. I took all the pots home, let them simmer a little longer at my house and then packaged them in 32oz containers. All of this chili would be used to sell at the event we were going to on Saturday. It is going to be our first big event and I’m really, REALLY excited. I’ll get into the specifics of the event later.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was also a great day. I had a few meetings in the morning about business deals and then made some more chili that night. My first meeting of the morning was with the CEO of the professional ultimate frisbee team here in Pittsburgh. It was great meeting him because I’d love to play for them in the 2017 season but also want to partner with them for Revival Chili. The meeting was mainly about the partnership but he obviously asked if I was interested in playing for them. Even though he’s not in charge of making cuts, it’s great to have him on my side. He also tried the chili and absolutely fucking loved it, as is expected. I then met with my newer potential partner to give him some chili samples. He’s taking these samples to a distribution company for restaurants to see if they’d be interested in using it — fucking awesome. He also mentioned he’s looking into a chili dog cart because he wants to make this the premier chili dog in the city. I’m going to let him take the lead on that, it will be a good test to see if I want to bring him on and I also don’t have the capacity to help with it right now.

That mostly covers it, I was supposed to meet with the CEO of 068 about money but he was not able to make the meeting because of car troubles. So I met the employees at the warehouse around 3 and we made our way over to the kitchen to start cooking! This batch we were making was for a catering event that we are doing today. I’m going to start heating up the chili very soon and then I’m dropping it off later today. Cooking last night was a blast. It did not take as long as I was expecting which was great and I got to bond with the employees a little while we were waiting for the chili to simmer. However, for the next catering event we will be making the chili the same day because it was definitely more of a hassle to figure out how to cool it, store it and then heat it up the next day.

One last thing, we are still waiting on the trailer to get in. Apparently they told the CEO of 068 that it had shipped but it actually did not ship and still hasn’t. He told me he would be personally sending someone to go pick it up so hopefully he actually did that. Otherwise the company it’s coming from has gone quiet. Hopefully I can update you more in my next post but right now I don’t have a lot of information. Launch is getting pushed back a shitton but at least we have events we are starting to do. We will see what happens… Hope everyone has a good weekend!