The Start of a New Year — 1/5/17

As expected, nothing got done in the past two weeks. I had an amazing time at home with my family and then went on a trip to Toronto with my friends which was an awesome time. The only event we catered was a small one on New Years for a guy we’ve catered before. He loved the chili, as expected, and said it made a great asset to the party.

I sat down with my partner on Wednesday and also, as expected, the trailer was not ordered yet. They are potentially getting a lot of funding and needed to keep the books exactly in order which is why he had not done it yet. However, he says he did put the initial deposit down yesterday, so, fingers crossed!

The money I won from the funding competition was deposited into my business bank account which was awesome — definitely highlight of the week. Now I just need to start looking for other sources of funding! I’ve put out a few emails for meetings but haven’t heard back yet. I’m pretty optimistic though because the emails I’ve sent are to people I’m already connected to.

The business needs money and I also need money.. So right now, I’ve decided to focus on finding jobs for my employees and myself. I need at least some income since we haven’t launched yet and I’m not quite sure when we will. Hopefully I can find a job! Last thing is we have one pretty large event coming up this week. It’s a food truck roundup so there will be a lot of competition but people come expecting to eat so I’m not too worried. They told us there are already 1,500 people signed up, should be good!

Anyways, that’s it for now, hope everyone has a great weekend :)