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Every summer has a soundtrack, the anthems that are easily attached to the warmer months. We share moments, memes, and music together, and the songs that drop between June and August help shape our memories of that season.

Last summer gave us the astronomical rise of Lil Nas X, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, and Megan Thee Stallion from local phenoms to international stars, the Avengers team-up that was Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III, and a slew of other memorable music and meme-worthy moments.

This summer is different. There doesn’t need to be an anthem this year, there needs to be…

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The Ferragamo Falcon, the Versace Velacaraptor, the Freeband Phoenix, the Rick Owens Renaissance man. While he goes by many names, one thing is certain: Guapdad 4000 is a man of the people.

From leaving his fingerprints all over J. Cole and Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers 3—and earning his first platinum plaque and Grammy nomination this past summer—the Oakland rapper has now set his sights on conquering a new frontier, the Instagram timeline. Rona Raps is a series that Guapdad started back in the beginning of March, just as COVID-19 began forcing us to self-quarantine. …

Deante’ Hitchcock wants you to know that waffles are better than pancakes, and that he plans to be around for a while. Despite being immersed in music since a young age — and having a catalogue of mixtapes dating back to 2012 — the Atlanta artist considers this to be his first official year in the rap game. “I got 10 years, and I think this is my first year,” he told me during our Zoom call on Monday. “I would officially count this as year one.”

Deante’s first studio album, Better, arrives on Wednesday, and it will also be…

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