Me in the red directing alongside Matt Hubbard on camera.

I won an EMMY! w00t!

A TV pilot I worked on recently, We’re The Shazzbots!, was nominated and awarded three regional Emmy’s in the following categories:

Best Overall Directing
Best Overall Editing
Best Overall Set Design

I’ll save the backstory for another blog post (and will hopefully remember to update here when it’s finished).

As Co-director and Co-editor of the show, I’m incredibly honored to receive these awards! Though this project was an arduous journey, it was the most creative, and collobarotive project I’ve ever been a part of. Not to mention an amazingly fun and educational experience as well.

On the set of We’re The Shazzbots!

Huge shout out to Ian Hummel, who is the brain child of the concept and a true creative visionary. Such a pelasure working with a guy who dreams so big! Another shout out to my production partner-in-crime Matt Hubbard who was the perfect companion for a project like this. Also shout out to Joel Jackson, our creative director who won an Emmy for best overall Set Design, and with him Joe Snyder, who was the set construction foreman — colossal thanks for the labor and time from Joe — we absolutely could not have done it with out him, or any of the above guys!

Also thanks to Paul Keefer, Elliot Cennamo, Ben Brown, Carol DelGrosso, Naomi Rossman, Mitchell Rogers, and Brandon Maclean who played a heavy hand in post-production — we wouldn’t have received best editing without your help!

Finally, a big thanks to the Kickstarter backers and everyone else who volunteered their time, money, or materials to this project — THANK YOU!

About the Emmy’s

Generally speaking, The Emmy’s are broken down into National and Regional devisions, each with Live and Non-live (post-produced) as their major categories. We submitted to the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Emmy’s in the Non-live categories.

About the Show

We’re The Shazzbots! is a live-action family entertainment TV show incorporating elements of kids songs, special effects, animation and puppets. The audience follows the rock band, The Shazzbots throughout the universe as they jet from gig to gig, learning all about music, art, science and everything creative, all while having a blast on their adventures!

The structure of the episode (and possibly future episodes) consist of the Shazzbots en route to their next show and dealing with the problems that arise and impede their progress. By working together, they overcome the problems and learn a valuable life lesson. The overall narrative is broken up with short vignettes of music lessons, crafts, jokes, science facts and more.

Check out a trailer for the show here:

30 second promo teaser
Our Movie Poster! Design by Joel Jackson. Photos by yours truly.