It’s the Little Things

I received an email notifying me that a domain of mine,, was about to auto-renew. It had been a year since I purchased it, having done nothing with it up to that point, planning to change the way people send payments… that worked out well.

I was inspired to build something. Shiv and I had been talking back and forth about building something quick and simple. I wanted to center the idea around the domain name, so I wanted something that dealt with money, specifically a buck.

After a random thought, I came up with the idea for Buck: Automatically donate a buck to a good cause each month. It occurred to me that we don’t donate to good causes as often as we should, if at all. We hear about these causes, charities, and non-profits all the time, but do we take action? Do we feel the sudden urge to donate? It seems only if we’re pressured, ushered or talked into donating, that’s the only time we do. What if donating was automated, and we knew we were doing something good without thinking twice?

It was this thought that lead me to want to make donating as simple and effortless. Donating in such a way that you know you’re doing something good, and it happens automatically. Donating such that there is no thinking twice, it’s guaranteed. Donating that is just enough to make an impact, and small enough that everyone can do it. The way donating should be.

Buck picks a cause every month, and when you sign up, you automatically donate a buck to the cause for that month. We update you when you donate and which cause you can expect to donate to next. It’s simple and effortless, the way donating should be. You don’t have to think twice, it just happens.

I actually would be more inclined because I’d feel like an equal contributor, as opposed to feeling guilty about donating less than other people on the same platform.

Our cause for June is Rachel’s Challenge, taking action to transform schools and communities.

Rachel’s Challenge is a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe, connected school environments where learning and teaching are maximized. Based on the life and writing of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine tragedy in 1999, Rachel’s Challenge provides a continual improvement process for schools designed to awaken the learner in every child. We motivate and equip students to start and sustain a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that transforms schools and communities.

We hope to showcase an amazing new cause every month. One that’s smaller, so the impact of a buck can be much greater. One that’s doing something good, so a buck can go a long way.

I encourage you to donate at