What the RICH teach their kids that the poor and middle class don’t.




Ask yourself this question. How come subjects like finance, cashflow and assets vs. liabilities are not taught in school?

Ask yourself another question, is the school you send your kid to training them to become “good employees”?

I don’t know about you but I sure see a lot of similarities between school and being an employee.

  1. Show up at exactly _____ time or their is a punishment for being late
  2. You get an hour lunch at exactly ____ time.
  3. You are given “homework” or tasks to complete due by a certain time.
  4. If you do well you get to move up. (1st grade to 2nd grade, 2nd grade to 3rd. Promotion from entry level to intermediate, promotion to manager, etc)
  5. You go to school Monday-Friday and get the weekends off…huh.

These are just a few of the similarities.

Here’s my point. I believe that what the rich are teaching their kids is radically different than what the poor and middle class are teaching their kids. I think this is why many successful people struggled in school and often dropped out. What they were learning at HOME was radically different than what they were hearing at school.

What if the school system was teaching kids that they could be and do anything they wanted to, including being self employed. **GASP** How dare our schools encourage drop outs. Uh Huh.

If we were to hear the talks and lessons taught at home I believe we would hear two radically different things being taught in two radically different households.

Household 1: Encourages creativity and non conformity. Encourages thinking outside the box. Encourages building new ideas. Shares in the excitement when a non traditional idea is presented. Encourages a correction in thought from “i cant” to “how can I”. Encourages problem solving. Teaches mini life lessons about finance.

Household 2: Encourages good grades. Encourages a career path. Uncomfortable when the subject of money or finance comes up. Often says “we cant afford”. Shy’s away from non conforming ideas. Things like “I wish I had gone to college so I could get a higher paying job” are brought up when the kid is struggling in school.

THIS article is simply an observation and nothing more. I do not have kids yet. I spend a lot of time with people who are Extremely successful and also time with people who are also very “normal” Middle class. There isn’t anything wrong with being “normal” or Middle Class, that’s not the point of this. My point is I have been observing what the rich teach their kids and also observing with the poor and middle class teach their kids. The DIFFERENCE is staggering.

So let me ask you this: What do you teach your kids? Of if you are like me and don’t have kids, what will you teach them when you do have them?

Books for reference. *Rich Dad Poor Dad. *Rich dads conspiracy of the rich