Building Healthy Relationships

Let’s talk relationships. Relationships are some of the most complicated things for humans to get right. Sure, they start off rather fun, but that initial phase quickly turns into confusion, unclear boundaries, and arguments. Relationship advice from a trusted person can be helpful but if often comes late. By the time a person reaches out for help, their relationship is already on a downhill slope.

In other words, let’s try to avoid the “do-over” if we can. While you can’t prevent every relationship problem (Someone like myself would be rich if they could do that!), you can decrease problems that stem from your own problems.

That’s right, I said your own problems.

I say “your problems” because I am a big believer in Darren Hardy’s 100% responsibility approach to life, including relationships. I believe that when it comes to relationships, it shouldn’t be a 50% split. The people involved should bring 100% of themselves to the relationships. That way, honesty can be expressed when it needs to be expressed. You didn’t need to reveal everything, but you do need the space and comfort to reveal the important things that will keep your relationship together.

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