How to Eliminate Distraction

We live in a world of constant distraction. There are the constant pulls on your attention away from what you are doing whether that’s a new notification on Facebook from a Facebook friend, or an email from your boss.

How do you cope with it all? Break up with distraction. Here’s some tips to get started:

Break the cell phone and social media habit.

Turn off your cellphone.

Trim unnecessary followers from your news feed.

Use an app that limits your time on social media

Clear the internal and external clutter in your life

Take notice of what is draining your energy-thoughts, projects, etc.

Practice focus in small spurts.

Unsubscribe from anything unnecessary

Remember that you don’t need to do all of this at one time. If you can work on trying one of the above tips and adding others when you are ready, you will be amazed at the level of focus you can develop outside the culture of distraction.

Your mental energy (your will) is one of your greatest gifts. Use that power on things that matter.

Don’t drain your brain on social media. Your life will thank you.

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