We No Longer Want You To Be Gay, Either: A Rebuttal

How can you not understand what Luis Pabon is saying? He is talking about what is happening behind the curtain and what he is experiencing in his life. Sweeping things under the rug and talking about political progress doesn’t help. Do you think when women got the vote it ended the competition and struggles in their group? Do you think the Civil Rights Act of 1964 put and end to blacks discriminating against other blacks within the black community? Instead of attacking him and trying to shut him up, address the problems he is talking about because they are real. I get it, you come from a dysfunctional home where you had to put on a good face for the public. Wait, you don’t like it when I make assumptions about your life since I don’t know you? Yet you feel comfortable saying that Mr. Pabon was self medicating and projecting without knowing him personally. If you are not going to help the community by talking about the growth and maturity we need in our community, then at least get out of the way while others do.
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