Five for Friday — 3.20.15

An overview of this week’s most interesting things on the internet (according to me)

Five Years Time

My favorite read of the week is a journey of an entrepreneur through growth, failure and eventual success. It’s great inspiration and only a 10 minute read.

Dieter Rams: If I Could Do It Again, “I Would Not Want To Be A Designer”

Strong words from a legend in the business. It’s an interesting interview with Rams and great to see how other arts like architecture influence great design.

Swifty Teaches Apple’s New Programming Language On Your iPhone

Coding for an iPhone ON your iPhone? Logically this makes sense but realistically I’m curious to see how simple or difficult the app is when doing the basics, for example adding special characters. Definitely worth a try since the first 13 lessons are free.

How To Conduct Your Own Google Ventures Design Sprint

This is an older article but I stumbled upon it recently and many of the principles are still completely relevant and applicable. If you’re an entrepreneur or interested in creating a project from the ground, this is a great reference guide.

All hail the magnificent visuals compiled by the Kindle Cover Disasters blog

What better way to represent your writing than by an awesome cover, right? It’s 2015 and book covers like the one pictures above are still approved by someone.

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