The Worst Times Are The Defining Moments In Our Lives.

Jordan Thibodeau
Apr 28, 2016 · 1 min read

A loved is diagnosed with a terminal illness…

You lose your job…

A friend leaves you….

A financial setback occurs….

All painful experiences that most of us will face in our lives. When life throws a reality check at us nothing can change what has happened in those situations.

For some people, life does go on, for others, they fold under the pressure.

When you face these situations, you must decide how you react.

Do you give up? Do you cave into the pressure?

Or do you stand up and press forward?

The world is counting on you to stand up, society needs you to. We need survivors to share their stories of triumph over life’s unexpected tragedies to help others that are facing the same situation. Countless others who you haven’t met are counting on you to press forward.

Will you persevere for us? Society is counting on you.

Jordan Thibodeau

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