The Young People

It has officially been one week since Election Day. People have reacted in every way imaginable. Anywhere from riots in the streets, celebration, the purchase of firearms, Facebook rants and out right panic. The day following the election was a day where the American people were virtually split in half, but not because of the reason you’re thinking. I mean this in the way that, they either sat behind the screens of their computers and sympathized, lectured, or tried to voice their opinion in some way to the general public. Or, they completely avoided social media at all costs. They refused to turn on the T.V. and in short went on living their lives as if the citizens of the United States of America did not just elect a person who, regardless of political preference, completely rocked the United States to the core.

As a young person, and member of the ever criticized millennial generation, I find this incredibly troubling. Division, is not a familiar friend of mine nor the members of my generation. We are the first generation to be raised with complete diversity in all aspects. In our lifetime we have never been segregated in anyway, we were taught that regardless of gender, skin color, sexual preference, religion, interests, etc., that every single person deserves the utmost respect. Now I would agree that, this hasn’t seeped deep enough into the veins of all millennials, but I can guarantee you that our society gave us the gift of bringing us up that way. In our life time, we have legalized gay marriage, elected the first African American president, developed transgender studies, seen more female members of congress than ever before, and so much more. But unfortunately this election has brought out the worst in us. It has forced young, progressive, and educated minds to fall into some kind of alternate universe in which we have to pick a side, pick a people, and if we aren’t able to that, then we must alienate ourselves from the all-encompassing world of people trying to make sense of standing for something.

Simply put, this environment is our dichotomy. We, the millennials as a people, are different. Trust me, it is made clear to us every day. We expect more, we don’t settle, we are tech savvy and forward thinking. But perhaps our best and most unique trait is the way we think. We recognize that maybe it isn’t about Democrats vs. Republicans but maybe it’s about the common good. That maybe it isn’t about rich vs poor but maybe it’s about creating opportunities for all beings. That maybe it isn’t about the predator vs the prey but it’s about a cumulative effort to create the best existence for everyone. The most insane thing about all of this is, is that we actually think a world like this is possible. We aren’t cynical like those before us, who might say yeah sure but it’ll never happen. There is a strong conviction in our words and our intentions to create a better tomorrow.

This is why it deeply saddens me to see so many young intelligent minds, falling into the bitterness that politics can bring out in people. It saddens me even more to see my millennial peers completely blocking themselves off to politics because they can’t take the radical words posted on the internet by both ends of the political spectrum. So this is my plea. Let us be unique and different, let us be progressive and kind. Let us hold ourselves to the standards and morals that we carry with us as proud American’s, but let us do it with a genuine heart, deep thought, a sharp mind and a caring hand. We have the love and the strength to do some real good in this world. So please don’t force us to look at others and disagree with harsh rhetoric to their differing opinions. Please don’t ask us to see people’s choices as wrong because we wouldn’t choose them. Please allow us the chance to show you what our world looks like. Because once we find our voice, trust us America we’ve got this.