The Soundbite: Finding Your Tribe Thru Rejection

Rejection can be a severe teacher, and you’ll most likely experience it’s lessons at some point in your life. No one is immune to rejection’s call. But rejection can be even more instructive than acceptance because it forces you to come to grips with who you really are and who you’re not

Rejection’s judgment is swift. It lets you know where you belong and with whom. The sooner you embrace and respond to rejection the quicker you can pivot and make changes. Find your tribe- the company, the people, the city that celebrates your true self. The sooner you pivot, the better off you’re going to be.

Don’t cling to what’s rejected you. A lot of people get stuck in the ferocious cycle of rejection, depression, over analyzing the situation, etc…. Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated.

It’s Not Rejection, it’s Deflection

de·flect (dəˈflekt) verb: to cause something to change direction, or to suddenly go in a different direction

When you’re on the right track, moving in the right direction, there will be a resonance with others moving in the same direction. You’re on parallel courses. This is an unspoken acceptance. Sometimes we need that rejection to help us pivot and shift our trajectory.

  • Unceremoniously booted from your job? No worries. Maybe that job wasn’t the right fit for you and was preventing your talents from flourishing.
  • Apartment application rejected? Ok,shake it off. That’s not your neighborhood.
  • Prince/Princess Charming broke your heart/expectations? It’s all good, that person is actually doing you a favor. They’re allowing you to find someone better suited for you. Maybe the person you’ve dated or that group of friend(s) weren’t headed to where you’re going and these people would set you back from pursuing your purpose.

It’s all in how you look at it. How you frame it! To me, rejection is just the universe’s way of saying: “It’s time to go- you know it, but you’re resisting and not doing anything about it… so, now I have to step in and assist!”

If you have found your stream, if you’ve been accepted by a “tribe”- don’t take this for granted. Embrace it.

Remember: It’s not rejection, its deflection.