The Soundbite: Validation and the Human Condition

Sometimes we need too much from the wrong place.

We seek our validation through people, sex, success, drugs, social status, party scenes, material brands, carefully crafted social media facades, etc…

Social media has become the chief source for our insecurities to become validated. Now, instead of looking within to find our value and worth, we desperately depend on external factors to rate ourselves.

And with this, our thought process soon becomes ensnared with running dialogue: “Did they like my picture?” “Did they like my post?” “Did they re-tweet it?” “How many times was it viewed?”

This temporary high might fill you for a moment, but it’s fleeting. If you put your validation in other people’s hands, then you will have to go back to them to satisfy that need. You’ll spend a lifetime going from person to person, running from place to place in order to fill that void.

It’s not a bad thing to desire validation, it just depends on where you go to get your fix.

How do you satisfy your soul?