The soundbite: Why Your Thoughts Matter

There has been countless and captivating research conducted on the power of the mind through the study of Neuroplasticity and Quantum Physics:
neuro = brain / plasticity = to change

You can become as intelligent as you want to be.

Your mind is separate from brain- and your brain is subservient to your mind. The more you use your brain, the more intelligent you will become. This is a powerful discovery.

Why are your thoughts powerful?

Your thoughts are real things that occupy mental real estate.
Every thought you think has a direct impact on every cell in your body.

Whatever thoughts you choose will cause your DNA to express into physical realities. Every word, action or deed you express is first a thought inside your head- it’s the root of all behaviors, mindsets, and the development of your character. If you are determined to change, there is no situation you can’t overcome. Change is up to you.

Where your mind goes, the brain and body follow

Strengthen those thoughts that are positive and serve you well- while discarding those thoughts that are unhealthy and toxic. Moment by moment you are building thoughts and those thoughts, through the mind, are what cause the physical nature of the brain to change.

Science has discovered that 95% of all illnesses come through our thought life. With more negative thoughts you become more vulnerable to sickness.

Quantum physics enmeshed with neuroscience

Dr. Caroline Leaf has connected these two fields together through superposition. She states that, “You, the observer outside of the system of life thru the choices that you make will collapse a probability into an actuality. At any one moment of time, you have the ability to choose your life. Quantum physics calls this: superposition.” Superposition states that you have the ability to choose the type of life that you want- which one do you choose?

You are designed to change
You have the ability to grow your brain
You are not a victim of your biology
You can become brilliant!

You can not control the events of your life but you can control your reaction to those events.