Class Review 04.04.16 — The Average Joe Class

Or how we like to call him “AJ”

This is the face of a guy who produced the based digital marketing strategy in the class

Twas another great class. Joe Zhang (aka Average Joe) received recognition from Prof for his digital strategy. Real recognize real. Much applause.

Joe is the marketer’s marketer, an all-around astute student with Google certs and a knack for website structure. He makes the people who he’s met in the professional world into subjects for his website and blog and is very much collaborative (his stock photos were taken by another classmate). All-in-all I salute AJ.

I admit I respect AJ’s style. Joe, and people like him, want to be discoverable, have charisma and a direction or industry which they want to be a part of. I probably have like one and half of those things. I know which industry, I’m sort of charismatic…discoverable though :-/.

If you refer back to my original post about the struggle I’ve had as far as identity is concerned, than you’ll understand. I’m slowly breaking away from those issues but it’s been a process as I get fickle with certain elements easily, and also must contend with external critiques (eg. my website may not fit the criteria of my brand). It’s like I want to believe I’m talented, but when you live in a world where people only care about which name brand school you went to, which name brand startup you interned at and if you have any Google certs, it’s easy to feel hollow if you don’t have any of those things.

Yet at the same time, I don’t. Joe and I will likely be collaborating on some stuff soon. I interpret it as a union of sorts; the proper marketer meets the marketing outlaw. We see eye-to-eye on many things; which have a different way of expressing it.

Yes I plan to launch a site. Yes I plan to get some Google certs. I also want to learn Python and revisit my work with Meteor.js Web Development (I know it’s a weird obsession I have but I enjoy their tutorials). I also want to interview some of the homies that deal in the media and technology space (hi, Asia Hoe). Big dreams, little time but it’s why Joe and I got into this field: we might look average but our dreams, goals and output usually aren’t.