Initial Thoughts on Instagram Stories

It’s going down in the DM

  1. Very impressive.

2. If you’re a thirst lord, you now have another channel, albeit a really convenient one, to message someone on the ‘gram.

3. I can see some of the features getting a bit confusing and annoying — eg. uploading something when you weren’t supposed to etc.

4. The DM feature is about to be both confusing and 🔥 — but wait if you DM pics in stories they don’t disappear?

5. The world may very well be divided now between IG Stories people and Snapchat people.

6. Twitter kind of needed (needs) something like this more than Instagram.

7. Social media managers for brands now have more difficult choices.

8. More data to process = inconvenient loading. Anyone else experience this? I imagine the UX will change eventually, but there’s a lot going on.

9. I wonder how they will monetize.

10. I like how the initial round of Instasnaps are people commenting on the Instagram/Snapchat war — heck a portion of people are promoting their SC handles on IG Stories.

11. Speaking of which do we call them Instasnaps now?

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