And So Begins This Weird Self-Discovery Journey

I’m not really sure what this entails or what’s supposed to happen at the end, but I know I need to go on this “journey”. It’s not that I feel lost, or maybe I do; this is just something I have to do. By the end I want to have a strong sense of my personal identity and feel comfortable with myself. But that’s implying I don’t already feel that way, and I can’t say that’s true either.

Holy fuck, sorry about all this mumbo jumbo. All I know is that something is off, and I need to fix it. I need a cleanse. And so we start with the basics: the physical body.

Mag and I are going to embark on a painful 10-day cleanse starting Monday. If you’re smart, I would advise you to stay away from us. We’re going to be cranky assholes. I warned you.