The Fight

Somewhere, deep inside ourselves, we all have it.

That one thing, one belief, that we’re fighting for.

We fight because we believe it more than anything. We fight because we want it more than anything. We fight because it means everything to us.

To each person it’s different. For some, it’s a job or a business. For others, it’s a life they want to live. For many, it might be a relationship. The reasons are different, but the fight is the same.

The fight drives us. It keeps us awake at night. It makes us do crazy, stupid things. And maybe we know it’s crazy. But we don’t care. We believe. We fight.

See the fight comes from deep inside. The fight is not rational. It doesn’t follow logic or rules. The fight comes from the heart.

And that’s why the fight is real. That’s why the fight is worth it.

The mind rationalizes; it analyzes. The mind is safe.

But the heart is not. The heart believes. It’s a risk-taker. The heart knows what we truly want. It knows what we fight for.

A lot of people ignore the fight in favor of safer alternatives; in favor of doing what they’re “suppose” to do.

Maybe you can live with yourself that way, but I can’t. I can’t live wondering “what if”. I can’t live not fighting for something I believe in. My heart won’t let me.

I’d rather fail fighting for something I believe in than succeed wondering “what if”.

I’d rather give everything I have to something than hold anything back.

I’d rather die on my feet than live on my back.

I choose my heart. I choose what I believe in.

I choose the fight.