python script for seo architecture
python script for seo architecture

Whenever you are changing a website architecture, you will probably encounter yourself doing lots of redirections, and replacing of thin / duplicated content with 410 pages.

It’s very common to find ecommerce websites using a ton of different categories that add little value to the user experience and waste crawl budget. That’s why I usually take some time to simplify the website architecture at the start of almost every project.

The problem of doing such thing comes when we plan on redirecting or deleting pages. If we do that without further planning or analysis, we will encounter ourselves dealing with…

Screaming Frog is an amazing SEO tool for auditing almost any website. I have been using it for years, and it saved me a lot of time when auditing projects. At some point, I started needing recurrent SEO audits for some of my projects. Using the “Schedule” features of the tool, and a bit of Python code, I set up a solution that provided me and my team with updated information about the status of the site.

The logic behind the solution

The idea behind the project is pretty simple. Using the schedule features in Screaming Frog, we could set up a crawl to run…

Jordi Cubiró

SEO specialist at ViscaWeb. Graduated in Business Management at Pompeu Fabra University. Editor at

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