Coding again

It has been a week since I left Wuaki. It has been weird not going to the office, but I have a plan.

I am traveling. I was in Madrid last week and plan to keep traveling until I decide what to do next. I am using these trips to visit family, friends, people I respect and potential opportunities.

I have a new desk at a coworking space in my neighbourhood. It is called “El Despacho”. It is a nice little place. The best thing, 50 metres away from home.

I am back to coding. I have not done it in ages. Why? I wanted to do something while I have no job. I had coded a lot years ago, and thought it could be fun to do it again. I am starting with Ruby on Rails. Why? Because it has helped me during these years at Wuaki. I have a lot of friends I can ask questions. I sent a couple of tweets to Xavier Noria and here is what I am doing.

  1. Reading Agile Web Development with Rails 5. I met Dave Thomas years ago at a Techonology Conference held by Rakuten in Tokyo (closing the loop)
  2. Installed my working environment on my new MacBook Air.
  3. I am using Atom as editor (recommended by Xavi).

I do not plan to do anything fancy nor go back to coding professionally, but it will keep me busy. We will see what comes out of this.

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