In the last few years, I’ve been analyzing why and how I’ve gotten to this point. While some days are exhausting and long, I’m extremely excited about my career. To be completely transparent, I get to put my energy into. health and fitness all day! The one thing I would say got me to this point is saying YES! There is power in the idea of telling people yes. If you get an invite, you should say yes. You never know where it could go.

More often than not, I usually find myself pulling teeth to get people to accept opportunities. The chance to go on a trip, to take a dinner with a mentor, or just simply to attend a workout. In a society where time is everything and relationships are cluttered between emails and Social media posts, I think we could learn a lot from face to face opportunities and picking up the phone. It’s easy to see those are the easy ways to breakthrough the clutter.

I guess the lesson here is to answer your phone when you don’t know the number (yes I said it). You never know it could be your next opportunity could be calling. Keep in mind older generations still use telephones and my guess is that could be your next investor.

If you’re passing up on work or opportunities, I hope it’s because you’re working on your life mission or teaching a child to read. PS I would still considered rearranging to make the timing work. It comes with the ‘yes’ territory. Keep in mind, you laying on the couch to get in ‘me-time’ will be invalid to people who give a shit about helping you succeed. The quickest way to make an impression to turn down an opportunity. You will simply become the next disappointment. End of story 😘