Looking Backwards: 2017

I’m Jordan Kurker, aka @jordne on the internet. I’ve been interested in venture backed software companies basically since Facebook IPO’d and I joined Twitter. I wanted to join this world and I’ve never given up.

There are many many successful people who are very honest about their lives and their business. This is a thank you to those people. You’re openness is a gift to everyone in the community who listens, and you’re appreciated

I’ve had quite a few projects, jobs, and lessons learned, just over 2017. and I would like to share my failures and successes, both as a person and in business in 2017.

Photo Credit: me

Here’s the hitlist:

- I learned that I needed to ask for help.

- I learned that I needed to be honest about depression with myself.

- With a little help from my friends, I moved to Seattle and started a new job.

- I assumed the professional identity of a salesperson.

- I bought my first car (Millennials, this is a mistake, don’t do this).

- I tried and failed to make a social haiku game haikuwithfriends.com. I think it would have been great as a game on top of Tinder. (Brian and Jeff, if you’re reading this, i think in-games in-games on Tinder would be fire emoji fire emoji fire emoji). Customer feedback (young women i asked on okcupid and tinder whether they would be interested responsed, overall, with resounding confusion and disinterest).

- I tried and failed to automate MillenniaNetworkNews.com. If I were able, I would have automated this news website by using my pocket to google spreadsheet IFTTT script into a static html format that just updated the picture, headlines, link to article, e.g. Drudge Report. (Going into the HTML every day and hand editing the code to update links/stories/photos seemed… wrong.

- I bought a lot of domain names including: thetequilalist.com, venturecapital101.com, and some slightly less interesting others.

- I went through an idea drought, that seemed especially scary (ground zero was as I was talking to folks at the Seattle Angel Meetup). The community of course was excellent and I left with good guidance.

- I got super sick, walking pneumonia. This means I’m working on eating green vegetables every single day. This happened when I got an airplane when I knew I should not have gotten on an airplane, a couple days after a red eye (DONT TAKE REDEYES), and after being exposed to sick coworkers. There is an important lesson here. If your business allows you even a tiny bit to not work when you are sick, DO NOT WORK. You will end up exacerbating whatever your body was dealing with, you will take forever to heal, and you won’t really even be productive. Hero ball works… but does it work forever? The motto is, if you’re sick, go home.

- I traveled to Alaska, Seattle, Oakland, St. Louis, Illinois, Lousville KY (twice), Vegas (twice), and New York City (however many times).

- I got my first solo studio apartment

- I’ve learned, in fact, that despite my earlier beliefs to the contrary, success, can in fact, be a lousy teacher.

- I’ve decided to start my next venture.* And to stick with my job till I can pay my rent otherwise.

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