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Stop crying and start dwelling the wait it over!! Basement Dwellers exploded on the NFT scene with 10,000 basement degenerates and nothing but traction reaching a whopping 69,000 discord members before it’s public launch on the 12th of October. Limited Presale passes, distributed to the lucky VIP members are already…

Louis Vuitton’s NFT/Game colab with Beeple bringing you to the start as you travel through a reimagined world controlling the ever famous mascot “Vivienne”

On August 4th, in celebration of Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday, a mobile game titled “Louis The Game” hit the virtual shelfs and has had positive feedback from the public with the game averaging 4.1 stars on the apple store since its release. Developed by “Riot Games” (the makers of League…

The Future of NFT token utilization

Gary Vaynerchuk delivers once again, this time with a NFT project that shows exactly how token utilization can and should be executed. With the creation of the online auction house VeeFriends Gary released 10,255 tokens stemming from his 268 self-drawn morality doodles in the form of minted NFT’s that come…

Jordon Neal

Content writer specialized in Crypto/NFT articles.

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