I’m Sorry Tom Brady

6th rounder. 199th pick. Under-looked. Backup.

These are all reasons why I should LOVE 12; he is the ultimate underdog, but I can’t find it in myself to hold him in that manner. There was a point in time when I didn’t TRULY appreciate how GREAT of a football player 12 is and how fortunate we are to have witnessed a talent so extraordinary like 12.

My hate for Boston and Belichick clearly trickled down to Tom Brady and I am forever apologetic for that. It clouded my judgement. Encouraging me to say and believe some pretty outlandish things.

Until now.

The Numbers.

I am a Peyton Manning enthusiast, devotee, fan, you name it. I hold him in the highest regard and believe he is the single BEST QB in terms of impact and skill. Men lie. Women lie. Peyton’s records and accolades don’t. It’s simple.

Note I used BEST instead of GREATEST. I believe these are two terms that people try to use interchangeably when they shouldn’t.

However, until now, I didn’t equate Tom Brady’s long track record of consistency and winning to Peyton’s own body of work when I should have because let’s face it, Brady’s accolades don’t lie either; they bring reassurance.

  • *4x SB Champ (4–2 record in the Big Game).
5x SB Champ and 4x SB MVP after his latest victory against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI.
  • 25–9 playoff record (most wins by a QB ever).
  • Highest winning percentage (QB) in the regular season.
  • 4x SB MVP.
  • 2x NFL MVP.
  • 2.9 TD/Int ratio (for every 3 touchdowns he throws basically, he throws only 1 pick; remarkable).

Basically what I’m getting at is 12 is the greatest winner at the QB position, and it’s really no debate. He’s the greatest period. I said it. Yes, Montana is undefeated in the title game, tied with Brady- 4 rings a piece, but he’s also the same guy who benefited from arguably the greatest WR of all time in Jerry Rice.

Plus, let’s not act like we don’t know what happens when you give Brady a top 3 WR of all time too. Randy Moss anyone? 16–0? TD record? Almost ran the table?

All in one year’s worth. Imagine what could have been if they played majority of their career together.

“… but almost doesn’t cou…” yeah, but it’s pretty. damn. close.

The Mentality.

Why do I have such an obsession with Kobe’s and Hov’s (Jay Z for my rap fans) approach when it comes to their respective crafts? Because both share that WIN at all costs mentality. Nothing else is important. It all boils down to winning and advancing yourself- position. That Mamba Mentality.

Tom Brady, too, shares all these qualities. It’s what helped him make believers out of doubters. Losing is never an option for him. And if he just so happens to do… you can bet he’ll use that experience to not make the same mistake again.

That is what I desire in my QB. My leader. It all starts with him and if he’s developed this winning mentality then it can only trickle down to his teammates.

Brady in the final 2 minutes of a game that’s on the line… is a scary Brady. Never have I seen a man elevate his play to another level… like he wants it more than everyone else. So calm. So composed. So certain. So confident.

Kobe and MJ are the only two other athletes I can think of right now that elevated their play in crunch time.

It just gives you chills. There isn’t a bone in my body that I would bet against 12 in the clutch.

The NFL and Roger Goodell’s Vendetta.

Ever since the Patriots’ “Spygate” ordeal back in ‘07, it seems like the NFL has been hellbent on tainting the legacy of Tom Brady.

Spygate refers to the incident when the Patriots were punished for illegally videotaping signals and signs from New York Jets defensive coaches during a game. Although, videotaping opposing coaches’ signals isn’t necessarily “illegal”, it does matter what area you’re videotaping them in. Brady wasn’t specifically punished, but the Patriots as a whole were.

Then, came the prolonged investigation: “Deflategate”. Deflategate was the name used for the allegations that the Patriots tampered with balls prior to the AFC title game in 2015, hence “deflate”. From the start, it seemed like there were too many holes in the NFL’s claims. Things weren’t adding up.

Honestly, deflating a damn ball? Players across the league have came out and said MANY QBs alter the ball in some shape or form for their comfort. This isn’t something new. Yet, Brady was targeted? Oh and by the way, the Patriots defeated the Colts 45–7 that game and then proceeded to win the SB; “surely” deflated balls were the reason why they were so successful…

Some have said that Roger Goodell took this opportunity upon himself to punish the Patriots more severely since he didn’t really do so in the Spygate scandal. Unfortunately, this meant making an example out of Tom Brady.

The NFL claims Brady knew more about the allegations than he let on. So, they decided to suspend him 4 games of the next season. Brady took the matter to court and had his suspension vacated because of discrepancies. However, 3 other judges later reinstated the suspension, making Brady miss the first four games of this season.

No matter what though, it just appears like Brady came back stronger. Hungrier.

He’s a man on a mission and the NFL are his intended target. Any other player would have succumbed to the constant pressure and slandering of one’s reputation from the League, but Brady didn’t. He just elevated his play.

Bottom line… 12 is 39 years old. 39! I watched the decline of Peyton when he was around that age and it was agonizing. It was hard for me to watch my favorite player of all time look so pedestrian. Yet, with Tom Brady it seems like he’s doing the exact opposite. He’s getting better WITH time and age. Fine wine. It’s remarkable.

While missing the first four games of the season, Brady has put together a MVP caliber campaign with only 4 games under his belt.

  • 12 TDs.
  • 0 INTs.
  • 1,319 yards.
  • 73.1 completion percentage.
  • 133.9 QB rating.
  • 4–0 record

To simply put it…

Men lie. Women lie. But the GREATNESS of Tom Brady does not.

Jordo Will out!

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