“Mogo THAT!”

We live in the age where social media determines how impactful an idea or innovation is.

I look at it from the perspective of the Big 3… there’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Slowly but shortly, Snapchat is edging its way into the conversation too, adding another dimension to the importance of social media.

So why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, because a new facet of social media is in it’s final stages of development and has all the makings and potential to be the next big thing.

What is Mogo?

Mogo is a social media platform that engages users to compete with each other through video challenges and competitions.

So, you know all those challenges you see on… Facebook? Spamming your feed?


Mogo has decided to take videos like these and give them their own platform to do just that.

As a society, we naturally thrive off competition and exposure, so what’s not to love about an app that brings these customs to life in the most genuine and effective sense?

Mogo is BIG on categorizing as well, giving viewers and users the option to organize videos into their given classifications. So, think: music, comedy, fitness, and my personal favorite… sports.

You record WHATEVER it is that you want (obviously have fun with it but don’t do anything that is unsafe or idiotic. This is a platform to display creativity and talents, not recklessness or indiscretion) and then post it, challenging family, friends, and other users in the process.

Here’s an example of what a Mogo video may like look.

The video was submitted by Instagram user and trick shot artist, @nique_shiik.

So, if you feel like you have something cool or dope you want to show the world and possibly challenge others… Mogo is the app for YOU.

Don’t be one of those people that hops on the wave as it’s moving… be the person who started it before it was even a thought!

Be sure to follow the NEXT BIG THING on its Instagram account here, so you can get a preview of what’s to appear on Mogo. You can also subscribe by going to the official page of Mogo here.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read and check out my brothers’, over at Mogo, latest creation. It’s really going to be something special.

Oh, I almost forgot…

don’t forget to Mogo THAT!

Jordo Will out!