Game of Thrones temporada 7 episodio 7: The Dragon and the Wolf
Los Inrockuptibles

Interestingly, Littlefinger’s death scene mimicked his betrayal of Ned Stark in the Hall of the Throne at the end of season 1. Except, unlike the fight that led to Ned’s death, no one stood up to defend Baelish.
Was he alone. No one shed blood to try to save him. The Great Hall of Winterfell was silent as a crypt. And it was more than just satisfactory. It seemed to signal a change in the moral axis of the Game of Thrones world as a whole.
For the first time in a long time, the honorable thing was the right thing to do. We have become accustomed to a Westeros ruled by the “winner or you died” with the royal court trumpet. But now, kindness and loyalty — instead of serving as the fatal flaw in Robb, Ned and even Jon — again has a place in politics.

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