Rosa Ruiz started at Formlabs two and a half years ago as a mechanical engineer on the Fuse team after spending the summer as a mechanical engineering intern.

In her role, Rosa is in charge of specific subsystems on the Formlabs printers. She prototypes new ideas, tests their functionality and validates these on new versions of the printers that are built in-house. Another part of her role involves redesigning parts for mass manufacturing and assembly, as well as working directly with suppliers and contract manufacturers through production.

Read on to learn more about skills Rosa has gained, lessons she’s learned…

Keiichiro Araihara joined Formlabs in November 2016 as the first member of the team in Japan. As the Director of Marketing, Keiichiro focuses on expanding the Formlabs brand in Asia-Pacific by collaborating with vendors in the region. With experience at a wide range of technology companies, Keiichiro brought his marketing expertise to elevate Formlabs’ international profile.

We spoke with Keiichiro about growing Formlabs’ presence in Asia, maintaining a work-life balance, and memorable moments at Formlabs.

What is your favorite part of your role?

I have a lot of fun introducing Formlabs to others and brainstorming new projects with partners. I also love hearing stories of customers’ creations and…

Meg Myers Kealey has been at Formlabs since July 2017. She started as a pro services agent, handling phone calls and cases and assisting with front line support. Six months later, she was promoted to squad captain and managed a small team of pro services agents while still working with customers. After nine more months, Meg grew into the direct services lead role, managing the squad captains and working with our chief business officer to set team goals and hire new Formlings.

Meg is now the global services operations lead. Her responsibilities include ensuring the services team is running smoothly…

Ariel Nissan started at Formlabs in May 2014 and worked as our legal intern until 2016. After completing law school, she returned to work full-time on our legal team as Associate General Counsel. In this role, she manages anything legal or legal adjacent for the company, including drafting and filing applications for intellectual property, understanding and evaluating the regulatory and compliance landscape, and preparing contracts for the various collaborations between Formlabs and other parties.

Read on to learn about Ariel’s path before Formlabs, skills she’s gained, and her favorite 3D print!

How did you find Formlabs?

I found Formlabs on VentureLoop, an online job board…

Eliza Margolin joined Formlabs three and a half years ago as an intern on the product team. As an intern, she used the Form 2 to print parts for use in photos, videos, and at trade shows. A few months later, she transitioned to a full-time role on the marketing team and was responsible for anything from writing blog posts to running webinars.

She has since moved into a more specialized role as our channel marketing program manager. …

Alex McCarthy joined the materials team at Formlabs as an intern during the summer of 2014, and after graduating from MIT he was hired full-time as a materials scientist.

Alex is now a materials lead, with responsibilities in both people and project management. He assists members of the materials team with any projects they’re working on, and supports the overall career growth of his team members. Alex also works on a variety of technical projects, such as collaborating with the engineering teams to develop settings for the Form 3.

Read on to learn more about Alex’s time at Formlabs, including…

Jake Misra started in his first role at Formlabs in January of 2017 as an Integration Engineer, which involved identifying and solving manufacturing issues and design flaws for the Form 2, Form Wash, and Form Cure. In his words, “the Form 2 has been my bread and butter for a long time!”

He now leads Formlabs’ Sustaining Engineering Team, which is responsible for ensuring the printers are working well, after they’ve been introduced and shipped to customers. …

Amos Dudley has been a Formling for the past three years. He started as an applications engineer, working on research and experimentation, but has recently taken up a role as a jewelry product manager. His day-to-day responsibilities now include working on product expansion, marketing, and sales growth strategy for our jewelry manufacturing customers.

Read on to learn more about the projects Amos is currently working on, his growth at Formlabs, and take a look at his entirely 3D printed camera!

How did you become interested in 3D printing and its applications?

When I was in architecture school, I built a…

Meagan Fitzpatrick has been a part of the Formlabs sales squad since 2013. In her first role on our customer care team, a lot of her time was spent answering questions and troubleshooting for Form 1 customers. By the time the Form 2 launched, she was managing and onboarding a team of eight sales representatives.

Today, Meagan spends her time onboarding and training all members of the US customer team at Formlabs’ headquarters, serving as an anchor to every Formling on our sales and service teams throughout process updates, product launches, and in growing their careers.

Read on to learn…

Jordyn de Boer

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