CSU Social’s Team Presentation

Today in my Online Storytelling and Audience Engagement class, the CSU Social and Digital Media team presented about the individual roles they play in the social media network at Colorado State University.

Kimberly Stern, Jenn Smith and Chase Baker, three of the four on the CSU Social team, divulged into their roles through all the different types of social media platforms that the university participates in. Along with that, but they also made it a point to recognize how successful CSU is when it comes to its social media. Overall, CSU’s posts traffic three times the amount of interaction, whether that be likes, comments, shares, etc., than the university average. Meaning, if it were normalized to 1,000 people, about 12 of them would interact with a post of CSU’s team. This fact gave me a sense of pride and happiness that I am able to call this university my home. Along with that, but the fact that my major that I am pursuing has led these four individuals to their successes in this field of work, and that is something that gives me hope for my future.

During the presentation, Stern said that own of their main purposes in creating this social media is to, “create a space for fans to feel like they’re connected with the university and for [them] to create a fandom around CSU.” From what I have seen, they have been incredibly successful thus far in their goal with the various social media platforms. They discussed how on each different network, their tactics for success vary. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, and Pinterest, the Social team carries out specific analytics, language, pictures and videos to accomplish their goals for success and reception from their audience.

All in all, very compelling presentation with a lot of helpful tips and tricks to help our social media become successful or for our potential future careers.