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Apr 28, 2018 · 3 min read

The world of cryptocurrencies is interesting, you will hopefully agree on that. But you might also be able to imagine that for a layman, participation is a big leap to venture. An abundance of technical information will make your head spin, and you will probably be thinking “Well, back to Netflix.”, and a few months later you come across a post saying ‘ — instert coin you were interested in here — reached 1000% profit!’ . Gutting.

Cryptoscene will at all times devote a majority of the content to informing and guiding people into the crypto scene, with a nice amount of entertainment value. We want to create interesting articles with our community, share experiences, the (hopefully as little as possible) bad ones, and the good ones. We also offer businesses (for now) in the Netherlands an extra way to get out there in our mag, after the recent Google Adwords and Facebook advertising bans it’s been hard to even get noticed, and it’s a bummer because a lot of projects show incredible future-thinking and a lot of passion.

In order to sustain through our first magazine distribution by the end of July 2018 and to facilitate businesses and other interesting parties advertising space, we have created a utility token. The token will also be used to access certain more complex courses and certain other features on our website as well as gather content thanks to our bounty hunter campaigns aimed at graphic designers and writers.

The following is for the more advanced crypto enthusiast

Due to the given circumstances surrounding Ethereum and issues around ERC-20, we have decided to deploy our token on the Neblio platform, known specifically for its usability for developers and enterprises.

As you all might have heard, it was recently confirmed that the bug, called BatchOverFlow, was allowing malicious parties to “generate an extremely large amount of tokens, and deposit them into a normal address.” We want to take every precaution we can to sustain a long-term project and we believe this is the way to do so.

Neblio is an enterprise blockchain and their goal is to have companies implement their own blockchain internally. Which is easy thanks to the NPT1 token and the various popular programming languages compatible with Neblio. Unlike most blockchains that come with their proprietary language, Neblio offers languages including Python, Java, Javascript.NET, C#, Objective-C, Node.JS, Go, Ruby, and PHP, while Ethereum can only be programmed with Solidity. As a result, Neblio is much more adaptable to new developers.

More info on the subject can be found in the comments of this Reddit post.


So that’s our story, I’m curious as to hearing more and more feedback and especially experiences from the community.

If you are at all curious about the project feel free to join the talks on our
Telegram channel: http://www.t.me/cryptosceneofficial

-Jordy, CEO Cryptoscene



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Sharing our vision about the blockchain and the future of blockchain, as well as uniting businesses with the crypto community.

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