That evil .suo file

Just wanted to say that this cryptic mysterious .suo file that Visual Studio generates, is source of all kind of annoyances.

Recently working with Xamarin found all sort of errors like not compiling strange copy errors, apps not updating, symbols not loading, you name it. Well turns out that deleting this file gets rid of problems you generally don’t know the source of it.

I remember having to do this for previous problems too, so I’m wondering what this suo file does and why it exists and everyone has to delete it at some point, if the sole purpose of the file is store project state or settings, why not use a standard json file or plain text?

In any case, just go ahead and delete it from the hidden .vs folder if you find unexplainable errors, VS will generate a new one, your open files state will be gone though. And please make VS ignore it from your repo.

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