Nice sketch!
Chris Messina

Hi Chris, thanks for the personal response. I sketched this up a couple years ago in response to what I noticed about the 1,000+ houses I visited as a municipal inspector. I noticed most people (and perhaps it is a demographic thing) had small TV’s somewhere in their dining/kitchen area these days, especially if they had a dedicated “breakfast” area. I also noted a lot of people keeping Desktop PC’s around just collecting dust, but unable to throw them away, due to the extreme utility of having a real keyboard and mouse. In my opinion, the virtues that make something into a “PC” have become so trivially “easy” to incorporate into most anything with a screen, that the traditional “desktop” apparatus of old should/could disappear into the house, but still be available if/when needed. Example: You tell your counter-top Alexa to show you your gmail app while you are in the kitchen. You dismiss most of them, but one is from your attorney, and you MUST respond with a lengthy email to avoid some misunderstanding. It’s too late to call, and besides, he/she wants a record of everything! You could try to type out a long response from your smartphone, or you could plug in that (discharged) laptop that you have “somewhere”…OR you could simply wipe your hands, press a button to deploy a fully-charged keyboard and mouse…and start typing right there on the counter. Another example…I’ve seen grade school students assigned to create powerpoint presentations. It is so much easier to knock out a project like that if you are using a large screen and a real mouse, rather than using a 14" laptop. My proposed always-on TV/Voice Kiosk/PC, which could live either on a shelf, counter, or even be bracket-hung, can be taken to the dining room table in an instant and used for lengthier projects, and since the screen is 17"+, multi-person/family cooperation would be much easier. I guess it’s just more of a “why not” question. The way I see it, the extra hardware needed to make this “TV” super useful would be concealed and not be obtrusive in any way, yet come in SUPER handy those times when you really do need to sit down and work on something. A lot of people have a home office for this, but a lot of folks, especially in other countries, do not. I think that Google, especially, would be wise to make something like this, since they’ve been beaten to the 7" kiosk form factor!