Finding the Oasis in the Android Desert
Karthik Uppuluri

I feel there is gaping hole in the PC, and especially laptop market, that is begging to be filed by a good version of Desktop Android.

  1. Everybody under 30 HATES Windows, and they should. I have a soft spot for it, but I’m 40. Windows, although being king of productivity, does not have the Apps that young people want.
  2. ChromeOS looks childish…and you have to EXPLAIN to people why it is good. Also, even though it is claimed that Google is trying to provide .APK support, it still isn’t here, and that means it will basically be a hack of some kind when it arrives.
  3. Apple’s OS’s are financially inaccessible to many, and some people like myself have a strong aversion to “closed” computing anyway.

So, if you could open up a very thin and light laptop and use it as you would a mobile device…i.e. just go to the store and install the same apps people already have on their phones…I think that would be an instant hit for the millennials. I don’t even think people would care so much if the SnapChat App only opened up in a “phone-shaped” window. The fact is, it OPENS. :)

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