Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Amazon’s Echo Show
Chris Messina

I see the Echo Show and its followers as merely “interim” products. If everything is pointing towards a Jetson’s future, well, when you look at the Jetsons, does George ever crouch down to interact with a tiny 7" screen????? No, a large panel usually drops down from the ceiling, and an argument, I mean a video call, ensues. Well, drop-down screens are probably very far off, but you know what isn’t? A large screen in your kitchen/dining/breakfast area. Almost everybody I know has a 17–40" TV in their breakfast area or kitchen, and it is a diiiiirty shame that it is 2017 and you really cannot get much computing use out of those larger screens, unless you are a total PC geek that is, and know exactly what you want to hook up to them. The Amazon Show is SURELY going to morph into a real TV at some point, so I say it would be wise for PC makers to beat them to the punch, and add just-in-case (concealed) full desktop PC-functionality in as a differentiator/bonus. This feature acknowledges the fact that most people do not actually use a desktop PC regularly in the home anymore, but wouldn’t mind having one around as a just-in-case PC. I think this apparatus would sell very well, since it would be a real TV, an Android/iOS streaming device, a deeply integrated voice assistant, a video phone, AND a concealed full just-in-case Desktop PC at the same time. I really don’t understand why everyone is marching toward the future so incrementally, when the tech is NOW there to make a TRUE all-in-one entertainment machine/assistant. (P.S. this is a concept sketch I made years ago, the cheeky mouse-pad/screen protector is not needed on counter-top only models, only on more “transportable” units. Also, the bezels need not be nearly so large!).