This will be a different year …

… Because I want to know the true meaning of following Jesus.

… Because my best plan will not read the Bible in a year (I did last year and many chapters a day), but to experience, enjoy and live His Word every moment of the year.

… Because I desperately desire to be faithful to my wife and my children at all times.

… But more to i sing, I want to live those songs that always come to mind.

… Because I will not run anxious to get my finances improve, but I’m going to live in a more simple way, thinking of how Jesus spent every weight that reaches my hands.

… Because I want to learn to enjoy the silence more than words I say. (This will cost me a lot, but at least I’ll try).

… Because although I’ll keep looking Facebook, I will seek every time you post something, leave a sign, that I was with him.

… Because I’ll look in the eye when I sit with someone in a cafe.(not cellphone)

… Because I want to read more of I write, I think more than I talk, I want to dream more than I live, I want to give more than I receive.

… Because I’m going to plan thinking that I can be interrupted by HIM, when HE wants and how he wants.

… Because there will be many deals that have to refuse to spend more time with my family.

… Because all automatic in my life it’s time to go to the cashier, for otherwise I will continue to learn to wait.

… I will clear my head because for outdoor exercise to be locked in my house watching series (Unless comes a new season of House of Cards, The Black List and The Good Wife)

… Because to I reached my money to pay all expenses of the month (llegar a fin de mes), all I need is always talk to my wife and not cut alone.

… Because the most important weekend, will not be reading the newspaper, or write a blog, or save the world making a video, but simply to pass the time with my family.

… Because I’m going to simplify everything I look complicated.

… Because even though most of my time, go to work to earn income to pay the needs of our children, will spend the rest of my free time enjoying them.

… Because although it may whatsappenado resolve issues with my wife, I always try to do honed through, looking into her eyes.

… Because although I will continue making new friends (it is part of my essence) I will always careful not to neglect the relationship with my best friend, Jesus.

…Because although my mind ask me more ice cream and my belly sweetest things I ask, I’ll decide my fill with the bread of life and give me some placer occasionally. (In 2014 I will have taken ice cream between 4 and 5 times a week, almost every day)

… Because even though everything that happens to me, make me think that it is time to act, while it seems that God is silent, I decided my only hope and action is bend my knees to keep trusting in His answer.

… Because in all the discussions that are present (I like to generate them), my views are always positive without disqualifying anyone who is not present.

… Because although I’ll get about 10 thousand of photos about the best selfie always always when with three of them, my family.

… Because I’m going to take a 5000 mates, the best will be those who will share with my wife.

… Because although I invest a lot of time to get things, I hope to be able to part with them, spend as little time as possible to decide.

… Because even travel for many uncomfortable hours in the subway, train or bus, can always think of those who really are in uncomfortable situations, those who wake up not knowing if by night, they will have something to eat.

… Because even look close to injustice, my only decision to be loving and forgiving, although it hurts, though not fair.

… Because if not on time the fruit of my labor, nor see immediate results in my projects, can always take refuge in the eternal and motivate me in heaven.

This will be a different YEAR because if anything can inspire others, it will be only because God in infinite grace, which makes it weaker vessel and passenger useful for His glory.

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