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Maps of international relations

Big Data is one of the main paradigms of the digital revolution our society is currently experiencing. Nowadays information is one of the most valuable asset you can possess. Despite the fact it could look like a pure technical fact, data is also leading a whole movement in the design world. Manuel Lima started a huge debate with his Information Visualization Manifesto, which tried to set the differences between information design and information art. Lima argues that information visualization (also understood as information design) should transform data in order to make it more accessible for the audience. The main goal is telling a fact, not creating a pleasant picture where form takes the main role. On the other hand, information art takes data as a starting point to create a piece where aesthetics are the most important part. However, the author also defends that both fields can coexist and learn one from the other. While Lima was defining a clear differentiation, he blurred the border. This manifesto aroused much controversy, even the author had to do some rectifications and clarifications. …

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Can we develop collaborative systems able to offer answer to problems that have not yet been raised? How could it be guaranteed the quality of a piece of design in a collaborative creative system? Can a network of creatives validate a piece created individually? Which should be the principles of these systems?

/KLVB/CLUB’s ambitions, as it is explained in our manifesto, go beyond the formal merely. Besides creating pieces of aesthetic quality, we aim to propose theoretical perspectives that help to develop our approach to the design process. With no doubt, the first intellectual problem that arose in our society was how could we organize ourselves. Our goal is to create a network in which all creatives are nurtured among them through the development of projects. …


Jorge Cubero

Visual communication and research. Between Copenhaguen and Madrid. Previously, Hamburg.

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