Problem when campaigns do not add up in Google Analytics

When click-throughs in Facebook, Adwords, and other campaigns do not fully match sessions in Google Analytics, it’s all natural, since we’re comparing, different metrics, Clicks, and Sessions, and we’re also comparing to different tools. There is usually a difference, but not very significant, between + -20% between clicks and sessions.

Balance between Facebook, Twitter and other and

Normally when this result is higher we are faced with a problem that can and should be misunderstood:

  • urls not coded with “utm” Google Analytics codes
  • Bounce rate values ​​with very high values ​​and very high discrepancies, even though the urls with said utm codes
  • Website problem (does not accept utm parameters)
  • Infrastructure problems where the website is technically installed (usually a problem with outside markets where the charring time is more than 2 seconds, sometimes more than 10 seconds)

In the 1st case, it is simpler, just put the links with the utm_medium, utm_campaign and utm_source codes (see article on “Placing tags on links”, targeting urls for campaigns)

In case 2nd is more difficult because it could be a technical problem, or the ability of the website server to respond appropriately to the requests of users to connect, consider upgrading your infrastructure!

In other cases, there are usually settings with Google Analytics and technical conditions where the website is located, like filters not configured properly!