*MUST READ* Be Nice & Save Money!

Often people go to dealerships ready for a battle with the salesperson. Although it’s completely understandable that you want to be tough in negotiations out of fear that dealerships just want to make money off of you, the reality is that confronting somebody to get the best price is the least effective technique you could use.

A good price, great price or amazing price is a matter or perspective and comparison. It’s possible that for somebody who makes $100,000 a year a $400 monthly payment is a great deal, and for somebody that makes $35,000 a year it’s not.

The best way to negotiate is informing yourself before going to the dealership and actually being NICE! Salespeople these days tend to help people that make them feel good during the day — think about it… it’s not easy to spend HOURS with somebody who already hates you before you even say “Hello” because of the “cliche” that salespeople are bad people.

There are bad people and good people everywhere and in every profession so… next time you want a car and you need to deal with a salesperson, make sure you feel comfortable with that person and then appreciate his or her efforts to help you. If you do that, you have a much better chance of him or her going the extra mile for you.

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