Why is your hand shake so important when you arrive at a dealership?

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of a firm, energetic and genuine handshake. A great handshake is a way to communicate to a stranger part of your personality. We tend to judge and have a generic idea of other people in the first 7 seconds we meet them.

With that being said, could you imagine greeting someone with a weak handshake? What can you expect from somebody that doesn’t even put effort into a good handshake? If you are not committed to giving a good handshake to everyone you meet, how can I expect you to be committed to helping me buy one of the most expensive items a person can buy like a vehicle?

On the other hand, you need to also be aware of your personal handshake! Is it a firm, genuine and energetic, one that inspires trust? or… a weak, fishy handshake and turns everyone off from the very beginning?

Always keep in mind: The negotiation starts with the handshake!