Japan: The Sushi Class experience

Jorge Fatta
Jun 4, 2018 · 3 min read
The left one is mine, it tasted better than it looks

Motivated by this post, my wife and I scheduled a sushi class in advance to our first-time travel to Japan. Initially just as another activity of our Tokyo itinerary, but it turned to be one of the highlights and more memorable experiences from our (mind-blowing) trip to Japan.

We become quickly amazed by the Japanese people manners, politeness, and way of life from the beginning of the two weeks trip, but it wasn’t until near the end of it, at the sushi class when we reaffirmed this with Shihomi and Ayumi.

They’re not just sushi masters but also extremely kind hosts. They waited for us at the Meguro subway station (we actually waited around the wrong station gate, the massive number of alternatives of the Tokyo subway station exits could be overwhelming sometimes 😅); then we walked a couple of blocks to their apartment to attend the Healthy rice sushi of Tuna and Salmon making course.

Meguro station, Tokyo.

They taught us about the very basics of the fish slicing (tuna and salmon), and the knife properties and handling first.

Then we went through the rice preparation details using traditional (white), brown and a special -black- rice.

After that, we walked through the different sushi styles including Maki, Nigiri and the particularly fun Temari sushi (which is the best candidate if you want to share your new skills back home with your friends and family).

Finally, we tasted the sushi: we’ll definitely need some practice to mastering the technique (feel free to judge) but I can assure that it was really delicious.

The whole experience was inspiring, creative, fun, and the perfect closure for our Japan vacations. I strongly recommend this even if you’re not (yet) a sushi lover.
I think the typical Japan itinerary visiting shrines, temples, streets and shopping’s is nice. But spending a couple of hours with locals, on an intimate space, learning something about one of their most remarkable culture aspects is one of a kind experience.

Thank you very much Shihomi and Ayumi!

🍣 ❤ 🇯🇵

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