Introducing InVision Studio

This could potential be Great! But don’t forget that SKETCH has years of refining their Tools, lots of plugins, and .sketch can be imported into lots of other development tools for IOS and Android Studio development…so there is a lot of catching up to do. I would def make it, so that InVision Studio, can import .Sketch files also. Failing that, it will be hard to convince me and abandon all my work (that was the mistake with PS)…also i would not only just add integrated ‘Prototypying’, ‘Responsive’, and ‘Effects’ as the main difference, since this can all be done with, Plugins in Sketch…i would go a step further, and actually integrate with ‘Storyboards’ like (‘Sympli’) or Generate IOS code, like (‘’), and even better, also genereate the code for Animation, either using a markup like (‘Framer’) or direct code like (‘KITE’) or (‘Paintcode’)!….NOW that’s what i would call streamlining and REVOLUTIONARY……i do appreciate the, Integration of it all, but i will ALWAYS give preference, to the ‘Designing itself’, First and foremost,….and Second — Animations and prototyping etc..…purely, because sometimes, i go directly to coding animations, instead of having so many ‘in-between’ steps…depending on the size of the client! But seriously, YOU have Great opportunity here, to Build something Great….but please, don’t just integrate ‘Plugins’…but actually go all the way with the code generation too..most of us, are becoming Designer/coders anyway ;-))) Looking forward to this!!!