Florida Man Goes Undercover at a Trump Rally
Max Jackson

Just another person trying to make a story out of nothing. What a waste of time. You can find wack jobs on both sides of the isle, there’s liberals who think rich people should pay for them to live and everything should be even. And to end it with the green greed phlem comment, he’s running against the greediest politician there is. Someone who has taken money from the middle east and has one of the least charitable charities in existence. The Clintons have gotten rich off the American people with lies and back room deals. All while Bill Clinton sexual assaults and pedophiles his way through history with no recourse. It’s sickening. I will openly say Trump was not my first choice, but against Hillary he’s such a better choice it isn’t even fair to discuss. Our country has been divided into two segments, those that take personal responsibility and those that don’t. Those that do tend to vote for Trump, those that want to look the other way when people break laws like illegal immigration vote against him. Legal immigrants are directly effected by illegal immigration, it’s selfish and has been going on way too long. Trump has been in the public spotlight for 30 years, it wasn’t until he ran for president he was labeled by the media as a racist… interesting.

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