You are presumed not just to be mistaken — but absolutely wrong, not intellectually, but morally, as a person of intrinsic worth. You are an agent of harm if you dissent. Two reasonable people cannot disagree over New Leftism: one will automatically be judged as morally inferior, deficient, bad, evil whatever the worth of their ideas, actions, lives. The problem with “the personal is political” is that it precludes the possibility of pluralism. The presumption of moral supremacy and everything else’s inferiority is what reveals New Leftism is not a political philosophy, but precisely the thing it purports to despise most: an ideology of faith, an absolutist totalism, an evangelical crusade, that is cheating society, and minds, of pluralism, an open society’s greatest gift.
Why Political Correctness is Failing the World
umair haque

Yes, and also applicable to the New Rightism, if such a thing exists. You’re dealing with fundamentalism in all its shapes and sizes.

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