High blood sugar, dementia, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disease have more in common than most people are aware. In our country nearly 30 million people have diabetes, and a vast majority of our population unknowingly has what’s known as prediabetes, which quickly escalates into the disease within a short amount of time.

Jorge Plaza Marquez explained, “Disease states and disorders and the issue of high blood glucose are very closely associated because of many risk factors contributing to what’s known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which the high insulin and leptin levels are resistant causing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and visceral fat to become significant risk factors for heart disease and coronary disorders. When the vessels are circulating high-glucose blood, atherosclerosis occurs at a higher intensity. …

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“While no one wants to get sick or suffer from a chronic illness, the unfortunate reality is that many people will have to battle cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cognitive disorders and other ailments in their lifetime.” Said Jorge Plaza Marquez. “If you ask the majority of people what state of illness worries them most, you will hear a resounding answer — Alzheimer’s (Dementia) or other neurodegenerative disorders. Two of the primary neurodegenerative disorders are Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.”

A diet high in antioxidants is critical for neuroprotection. Foods like fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, ancient grains, legumes, garlic, cold-water fish, and eggs are the key to keeping you healthy overall. …

“Gluten sensitivity doesn’t always include abdominal distress. It often causes adverse effects like fatigue, anemia, flu-like symptoms, Brain fog, skin issues, and aching joints. Many people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity do not know if they have the disorder.

“Gluten can cause intestinal disruption, which is known as a leaky gut syndrome. Leaky Gut Syndrome’s ability to dismantle the immune system and cause numerous illnesses and disorders is mainly due to the inflammatory response.”

Jorge Marquez continued, “Leaky gut is nothing new. Decades ago, medical professionals referred to it as intestinal permeability and understood fractions of its ability to cause illnesses. The natural functioning of our intestinal wall is to allow nutrients to pass through, but with Leaky gut, large openings enable dangerous substances to enter the bloodstream. …

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Following all of the fads, from celery juice to fat bombs, how do you know what you really should eat? According to Jorge Plaza Marquez, that depends on your end-goal. If you’re in it to lose weight short term, some tricks and tips have helped countless individuals lose those extra pounds, but Jorge Plaza Marquez also believes in the longevity factor, and that requires health-boosting herbs and wholesome ingredients to keep you healthy.

There is a lot of information out there right now that focuses on inflammation and how this condition is the cause of most diseases and disorders. …

Jorge Plaza Marquez is an amateur chef with an interest in creating recipes for specific dietary needs. He recently began crafting Ketogenic, Paleo and Vegan fare that is not only delicious but chock full of nutrient-dense ingredients. Jorge Marquez prefers to incorporate as many anti-inflammatory foods into his creations.

He forages the markets here and abroad for exotic spices, salt, herbs and produce to create mesmerizing dishes that suit numerous palates. Whether Jorge is making a sofrito, vegan “cream” sauce, herbed bone broth or gluten-free berry tartlet, he always puts flavor and texture on the top of his list.

Jorge Marquez is an advocate of nutritious diets that are not just fads, but rather beneficial to supporting cellular renewal and overall health, but he understands that not one way of eating is right for all. Because Jorge has overcome weight issues, health disorders, and has improved his life along with many friends and admirers in multiple ways, he offers a lot of interesting advice. …


Jorge Plaza Marquez

Jorge Plaza Marquez is an amateur chef with an interest in creating recipes for specific dietary needs

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