“Monarch Migration” by David Cannon


Monarchs migrate there . . . but why?

This poem is a part of “Equal People,” Our Human Family’s anthology of international poetry on equality and inclusivity.

  1. . she was the sun that refused to leave me // until she left me // her absence brought an empty sky //
  2. 2. the plants stopped breathing // I escaped inside every red on the horizon // with time you find it’s easier // to bury the pain than it is to see it on your body //
  3. 3. I am more like a tree than I know // I don’t notice the sun until it’s gone
  4. 4. this must be what makes a sinner // what makes me run // to the ocean for her mercy //
  5. 5…

Episode 4 was on Stagnation and Writer’s Block although I didn’t post because I was having issues with the image format on Medium.

In this episode I explore the reason of dreaming and how its qualities influence the shaping of surrealism.


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Jorge Q

Psychedelic surrealist love poet and actor from Sacramento, CA. Host of the podcast The Spirits in Poetry. read more at jorgequintanpoetry.com

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