The founding team eating corn on a bus. Mexico City, Jan. 2015

Calm before the storm: Bridgefy pre-launch

I’m very angry. I just found out a fund had reached out to us several times last week, asking about our progress, team, and launch plans, is investing in another company that does something very similar to what we’re doing at Bridgefy. Fortunately, they just made a huge mistake.

And that’s the last fund that will ever pull something like that on us. How do I know this? It’s quite simple, really.

We have a world-changing product

We built it. We finally built it, after one year of not knowing if we were ever going to see the name Bridgefy on the app stores. This is going to change the world forever. Yes, I know: every startup thinks they’re building the next miracle, but I’ll be damned if you don’t find our quick description of Bridgefy very alluring: we built the technology that will let all smart devices communicate amongst themselves without Internet or SMS. Now, you might say that it’s no biggie, but that’s probably because you’re reading this on your brand new Macbook Pro, sipping on some hipster variety of organic tea, while Netflix is showing Modern Family. If we decide to think outside the box, and by box I mean the United States, we find a whole world that’s being abused by telecom companies; Mexico, for instance, is the country with the highest rates for Internet and phone services (and people wonder why the richest man in the world is Mexican). We’re Mexican. We know what’s up in the underworld. We come from the shadows, from dark places where an SMS costs almost double that of other countries, where phone plans offer shitty service for a huge price and competition is just now thinking of coming into the country. That’s why we built Bridgefy: to bring a means of communicating to all of those people who can’t pay 70 dollars a month because they only have 200 to feed a family of 6. For all those people who can’t afford to be in a Starbucks using their shitty Wi-Fi. For the billions of people living in rural communities or finding themselves in a flood/earthquake/hurricane. We are those people, we’ve been in those situations. We believe that there is no point to technological development if it doesn’t contribute to human development. So don’t come and tell me some guys called Firechat, who are living in San Francisco off of 13 million dollars they raised after building a shitty app that nobody can find a reason to use, know this market better than we do. They don’t, I’ve talked with them in person. We’ve raised less than 1% of what they have, and we already built a better technology and app.

We are the perfect team

We’ve slept on floors, trains, buses, and subways; we’ve eaten only tuna for days on end, and then stolen food from hostel roommates because we didn’t have any of our own; we’ve worked building beds in order to be allowed to sleep under a roof; we’ve been deported by US customs, rejected by accelerators, insulted by investors, ignored by funds, and called idiots by our peers. Have we stopped? No. Will we? No. We haven’t been through hell to come out and just talk about how warm it was. Yes, apart from being stubborn, we’ve also proven to be a team that works great together; we got 2nd place at last year’s Startup Bus North America edition. We’ve been accepted into several top-notch accelerators (which we’ve declined) and won a few contests, but the thing is we’ve stuck together and with the same project through thick and thin, for over a year now. See, the thing about Mexicans is we’re pissed off. That’s right, we’re fucking pissed off. We’ve taken shit from everybody, including ourselves, for a really long time. Well, now we’re done with that. We don’t want to be the Mexican version of Mark Zuckerberg, we want to be Diego García, Roberto Betancourt, and Jorge Ribs. Now, pay in mind: we’re not being arrogant. We’re just fed up with being thought less of, and we’re set on proving a point: we’re just as good, if not better, than anybody else. All we need is a chance.

It’s all uphill from here

I’m writing this post a few days before Apple approves of our app (Android has been available for 2 days now). Both apps look beautiful and work even better, and we’re confident that the trust our friends and family have placed on us will keep pushing us to make what we’ve built shine,. We’re cornered again but now our guns are loaded and we’re dangerous. We’re at rock bottom but have new wings. We want to work even harder and be challenged even more, and only then will we reach new heights to fall from and rise again. We want the people that rejected us to feel like the idiots who passed on The Beatles, but always with a smile on our face and never with any sense of vengeance, because we don’t have time for feelings; stay humble, do good, be great. It’s time to improve people’s lives and hopefully even save some. It’s time to make a change, to set an example for future Mexican entrepreneurs and get our country’s motors running.

Bridgefy is a Delaware C-Corp based in San Francisco, raising its seed round. If interested in participating, feel free to email us at

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