3 reason for use Adobe Sparks

One of the most complicated things when need create content for web or social media is find the perfect pic for create the posts.

Many community managers have a lot of libraries of photos without license “creative commons” for use in web , but the truth is that in daily workflow this works could turn a painful task.

Sparks is a web app that allow us to search photos and create designs for use in our contents quickly and easily , Sparks was create for help to create the best content for web.

1) Allow create designs for a lot of media.

Allow us create for many social networks such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, and others.

Here also you can create your own custom size canvas , for create banners, sliders for web and more

2) It has a full library of pics for free use.

¡its true!, now you don´t need search in others websites free pictures, adobe sparks have a complete library of pictures with many topics for you designs.

With 2 or 3 clicks you can transmit your ideas quickly and easily , with that can speed up the content creation.

3) Can share the content created directly

You can share the content directly your social networks, and with all the community of adobe , this meaning that other people in the community can see your post and continue sharing your content