The process to create

In the summer of the last year the tv channel Oromartv from Ecuador contact me for create the redesign of his web site.

The previous site was create for the inhouse creative team ,but have many problem that the actual content director need resolve, for example.

  1. Usability
  2. Don´t have the enough space for content on the website
  3. Joomla don´t provides the enough security for the web site
  4. and another reasons

The previous Design

previous web site create for oromartv (before redesign)

The challenge

The real trouble with this redesign was understand all the complications with the content generation, because the people in the tv channel that create the content, they don´t have experience in web redaction or web publications, this is the reason why the web site was building using Wordpress like the base of the backend system.

Previous prototypes

This prototype was create for testing layout and colors.

In the final version we take some features and we delete another, with this test we can understand that the public of the web site feel more closer the white color like background and with the content in a grid.

Creating the final layout

we create this grid like base of the new web site ,every block of the web can be change by other in any moment, in this way, the content build the web, and don´t is the web is who define the content

Low definition prototype

The final redesign

Version 1

Version 2

With this redesign, the community of readers in the web site begin to growth and now can enjoy all the contents of this tv channel.