Your beauty knows no bounds

Its captivating and terrifying simultaneously

The twinkle in your eye is beyond human comprehension

Nothing in this world could ever make me see differently

Not even divine intervention

The moment we first met I could feel that this was meant to be

From that moment on

Nothing was ever about me

My mind circled you as the earth does the sun

Your gravitational pull ripped my heart out of my chest

You then picked it up and taught it how to feel

You taught me how to love

You showed me it was real

You are the cause of every ounce of happiness in my life

When I am not with you

It is the best kind of pain

I’m crazy for you because your love kept me from going insane

You ripped the knife out of my back

And let me bleed out all the anger and the hate

What I wouldn’t do to be able to take you on a single date

To hold you in my arms and know nothing can compare

To treasure every single laugh we share

With you everything seems so clear

Because to me everything simply consists of you

You forced your way into each one of my dreams

You showed me things aren’t always as they seem

You enlightened me

With your amazing aesthetic and blissful personality

When I am with you

Following that glimmer in your eye

I feel as though I am a child in a meadow

Chasing that single butterfly.

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