Love and Resistance
umair haque

Today I was revisiting Simone de Beauvoir’s Ethics of Ambiguity, based on a quote of hers that was shared

In her writing, she points out that one o the main tools of oppression is to deprive or manipulate passion (desire) and love. She points out that often it is ourselves that limit this ‘living warmth’:

To exist is to make oneself a lack of being; it is to cast oneself into the world. Those who occupy themselves in restraining this original movement can be considered as sub-men. They have eyes and ears, but from their childhood on they make themselves blind and deaf, without love and without desire.

In another part she also calls that the man that truly lives this way will also live to protect it others, not limiting himself/herself to just the goal of the struggle but to securing utmost freedom for others to do the same.

So I hear your call, that to #resist we should project our will to create, to live free, & to love. And to do it in a way that’s limitless and without bounds for others.

Full text, great read:

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